high style ethical brand: Popinjay

As a business, Popinjay sustains the livelihood of women in Pakistan while creating luxurious bags for fashion forward women. The combination of beautiful craftsmanship and empowerment through income generation results in a product that is both meaningful and aesthetically beautiful. It is often said that “poverty has a woman’s face” due to various  gender discrimination towards education and other social opportunities for women. However, this vulnerability can be eroded when women are free to actively engage and enter into society as empowered people.

Each bag is handmade by artisan women in Pakistan. Every morning, these women meet in a local community center in Hafizabad, Pakistan to embroider beautiful silk and resham motifs that are seen on the bags. By equipping the women with usable skills and paying them with a rate up to three times the market, these artisan women are able to gain a sense of independence, especially in highly patriarchal societies. Though born in poverty, these woman can have a better prospect for themselves and their family for the future. Please take a look at the work and support this wonderful company!

In mustard fieldsWomen - group 2Iznik Scarlet EmbroideryTimurid Black 1Lotus Black 2Mughal Ivory 1Anfa Envelope Pearl 1
photos courtesy of Popinjay

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