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photography by: david wai

No, I do not live by the beach. However, I do live by a creek! Living in Ohio, there is an abundance of two things for sure; flat lands and lame rivers. Regardless, I still got to enjoy a beautiful day lounging near the water and embracing the breezy weather. Here I am wearing a body con dress layered over with a basic slouchy tee. The print of the dress is reminiscent of 80′s abstract pastel art, which is totally awesome at times. Mix that with a shirt with a scene of the 60′s to make it doubly awesome.

wearing (product links highlighted)

dress: zara

t-shirt: zara

shoes: vans for madewell

jewlery: francesca’s

color basics





photography by: david wai

It’s starting to get a bit sunny outside! I decided to celebrate by taking a walk in my favorite neighborhood in German Village. I was in a cheery mood so I decided to color block. When color blocking separates I like to keep basic color theory in mind. Here I used a basic triadic scheme with the neon yellow/green skirt, blue blazer and orange watch. With those basic color set, I kept the rest neutral with the white lace shirt and white shoes.


skirt: jcrew

jacket: nordstrom b.p.

shirt: topshop

rubber watch: francesca’s

sunglasses: forever 21

shoes: zara

trains across the sea

20140327_jlee_jcrew_1062 20140327_jlee_jcrew_1069 20140327_jlee_jcrew_1081 20140327_jlee_jcrew_1083 20140327_jlee_jcrew_1089

photography by: david wai

I recently accidentally stumbled upon this abandoned warehouse decorated with local artwork on the south side of downtown Columbus. I was rather intrigued by the graffiti art and to whom it was paying homage to. Turns out, Train’s Across the Sea is a song written by the Silver Jew’s in the early 90′s.

I looked up the song and I think it’s a pretty morbid. There’s a man who dreams of trains across the sea where there are “no troubles on the line.” Instead his life passes by and he lives as if there is no worth in it, like a series of boredom and bad events has created an apathetic attitude. I think passion is such a scary thing to lose, whether it’s a strong love or intense hate, it moves you towards a goal. So kids, make those choices that will drive you forward. Live with passion so you don’t become victim to apathy, live the life you will be happy with.

Anyways, here’s my outfit. (I wear this pleated maxi almost every day.)


faux leather jacket: zara (old)

lyke minded pleat maxi skirt: nordstrom

multi chained rosary: free people

color me white

20140318_gs_0767 20140318_gs_0790 20140318_gs_0823 20140318_gs_0829 20140318_gs_0850 20140318_gs_0869 20140318_gs_0901 20140318_gs_0902
photography by: david wai

Something about wearing all white makes a woman pop out, especially in her colorful surroundings. I know all white can be a scary thing, but don’t be afraid to try it! When experimenting with an all white look, always keep it simple. That way, it always stays clean and sharp. It definitely makes a high impact!


crop top: zara

pencil skirt: zara

moccasin with cut out: zara

blooming princess

photography by: david wai

If I could dress causally fancy everyday, this is exactly how I would do it! To dress it up, simply accessories your jewelry for more formal occasions. To wear it more casually, dress it down by throwing over a denim or leather jacket. Since it’s still a little chilly out, I wore my Dolce Vita nude booties. However, when the weather warms up I can’t wait to pair this dress with some gladiator sandals or some strappy wedges.


free people maxi dress: nordstrom

alex and ani bracelets: nordstrom (initials + trapeze)

dolce vita booties: nordstrom

flower headband: asos

savvy girl

Want to know every trendy girls secret spot? It’ll come to no surprise, but I will tell you! As of late, Nordstrom’s Savvy department has been my GO TO spot for the latest trends. If you haven’t jumped on this yet, you must!

Why shop at Savvy?

1. Relevant trends
Nordstrom Savvy has become a fast breeding ground for relevant trends for that modern woman. I’M OBSESSED WITH EVERYTHING!!!

3. FAST and NOW
The merchandise is fresh from the runway with fast moving inventory.

2. Accessible Prices
You won’t leave Nordstrom’s with a empty wallet or leaving depressed that you could not afford that new Alexander Wang shirt! Stop by Savvy and you’ll walk away with head turning pieces for less than $100!

4. That legendary customer service
Ya’ll know about that hassle free return policy. But also, shop with the friendliest and most fashionable people in town! They really do go above and beyonndddd to ensure that you get your best shopping experience and always walk away feeling amazingggg.

photography by: david wai

Today, I am highlighting these new pieces from Nordstrom’s Savvy department as I blow bubbles around the city. It’s an adorable, but super sleek outfit for my downtown adventures. The baby blue skirt has been one of my favorite purchases. Made from a luxurious faux leather material, it creates a perfect balance of movement and structure. For the top, I kept things simple with a textured white cropped tee. 

Go on, don’t be shy. I know you’ll be obsessed with Savvy as well. Visit your local Nordstrom to see all the latest trends in person or browse through the website though the links below!


glamorous textured crop top: nordstrom

ASTR faux leather skirt: nordstrom (now $34.98!)

sam edelman ollie t-strap pump: nordstrom

bag: forever 21


slowing down

Life is a chaotic little thing. While juggling through one’s own happiness, there is a daily mental exhaustion of thoughts spiraling through the mind. There are obligations to fulfill, people to please, money to make! When I get a chance, I like to simplify my mornings by slowing down. Occasionally, taking the time for yourself to unwind before the start of your day creates room to breathe. Start off with your best, and move forward with that mindset! If you could devote your mornings to simply savoring your favorite senses, fully present and aware, how would you spend it?

Here’s what my simple perfect mornings would look like:

1. indulging in makeup
20140226_jacq_life_941120140226_jacq_life_945920140226_jacq_life_946220140226_jacq_life_9472 copy20140226_jacq_life_9465

2. picking out accessories20140226_jacq_life_949020140226_jacq_life_945120140226_jacq_life_949720140226_jacq_life_9505

3. pampering my toe nails (most days they’re gross)20140226_jacq_life_954220140226_jacq_life_9544

4. finishing up a book and skimming through magazines

5. drinking fancy tea (my favorite? Green tea, cinnamon bark, cardamom, and saffron leaves)


cheers! -j.Lee<320140226_jacq_life_9642 copyphotography by: david wai

HI ALL! Welcome to my j.lee says…


INSTAGRAM with your arm BEHIND the head for that steady shot of your drink.



take advantage of FREE things.



choose wisely, but sometimes your intuition just knows…



…and lucky me! this lucky peach magazine was filled with yummy things!



admire art, even if you don’t understand. that’s the beauty of human perspectives.



give me a name for these pants. pyramidical houndstoothish?



follow that on instagram @simpleechic



it’s okay to day dream 5 times an hour…



…but bring back that inspiration into productivity.



Cheese because you love to cheese.



look back to catch things you may have missed



don’t be afraid to show your heart sometimes



smile to at least three people a day: to yourself, to a loved one, and to a stranger.



be simplee cool



if you simplee miss the sunset. look into the other direction.

photography by: david wai

outfit details

jacket: wearing free people
pacsun (similar)
forever 21 (similar)

shirt: madewell

bag: danielle nicole (nordstrom)

shoes: jeffrey campbell (nordstrom)