Sustainable Fashion: Interview with Gather & See

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In 2014, Alicia Taylor and Steph Hogg set out to fill a void and create a conscious retailer that services to a fashion forward consumer. Here come Gather & See! Gather & See is an online retailer that does not compromise on aesthetics while maintain their ethical policies. By carefully curating the best in sustainable fashion, Gather & See brings an accessible means to shopping consciously. The result? Better clothes for the environment and for people.

Read on to see how Gather & See’s co-founder, Alicia Taylor, tackles fashion and sustainability!

What is your brand about?
Our brand is about delivering on trend, fashion forward ethical fashion labels to our customers via our e-commerce site. We are a multi-brand online store. We offer women’s clothing and accessories and are soon to start offering home wares and gifts as well.

What motivated you towards creating an ethical fashion retailer?
Seeing the vast discrepancy between what farmers and garment manufacturers make compared to the unfathomable profits that the big fast fashion labels are making. We had a realisation many years ago that fashion has the power to do a huge good in the world, but at the moment is doing more social and and environmental damage. We wanted to offer fashion savvy consumers an alternative choice, of clothing that they still love but doesn’t cause so much damage.

What is your ethical policy?
We have six founding principles that lie at the heart of our brand. Each label we stock must adhere to at least two of those principles. Most, by their very nature, tick the box more than four. Those principles are:
1) Fair Trade- advocates the payment of a higher price to exporters and workers as well as higher social and environmental standards. At Gather&See we are particularly inspired by brands which protect and promote the rights of women, who are so often garment industry workers worst affected by the impact of ‘Fast Fashion’. Ironic considering fashion is so often seen as a tool for female expression and a female driven industry.
2) Organic- Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse agriculture.
3) Recycled
-Using materials that would normally end up in a landfill site. The retail manufacturing industry is the second most polluting industry on Earth, second only to oil. If we can keep using old clothes to create beautiful pieces, not only is that protecting the earth but also sustainable

4) Eco-friendly- Our eco friendly brands have pledged to put the environment first when it comes to production. They monitor and regulate their water and energy consumption and have zero-waste policies including use of bio-degragable packaging.
5) Handmade- Garments that are made by hand, often using traditional techniques and artisan methods that have been used for centuries. Brands such as Osei Duro and Lalesso even provide the name of the person who made each item on their garment tags, taking the question of “Who Made Your Clothes?” to another level and providing a human connection to the process of buying an item clothing.
6) Small Scale Production- No long supply chain needed here. Our brands are all small scale production – meaning that collections are formed of a limited run and never mass produced. Small scale production means better control of the product, greater connection with those making the garments and best of all individuality. The joy of wearing something that you know is one of a small number is hard to beat.

Gather and See offers free delivery worldwide. Click to shop a few of my favorite looks below and start shopping ethically!

g&s trousers
Maska My Trouser Culottes; Made in Europe through small scale production.

Riyka Brooke Dress; Made with Organic and recycled materials in small scale productions.

Gather & See
Kowtow Figurine Organic Cotton Sweater; Made under fair trade conditions through small scale productions



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