Face Shaving, Your New Favorite Beauty Routine

Hello to all you hairy faced ladies. Peach fuzz got you down? I know how it feels. For most of my life, I’ve been aware and slightly embarrassed of my hairy face. Let’s just say, when I tell my friends that I’m considering laser hair removal, no one is opposed to the idea. It’s gross, I know, but hey, we all got problems.

Recently, I watched a YouTube video by MissJessicaHarlow on “The Best Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets & Confessions.” Here, she revealed her secret for a beautifully smooth canvassed face. As a dark haired beauty, shaving her face is a must do weekly ritual.

After watching the video and reading multiple blogs, I was convinced. I headed out to a local Sasa store and bought one of these facial razors/eyebrow shapers for only $19 HKD (Approx. $2.45 US).

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Picked up a random brand of facial razors

shaving off the hairs on my cheeks

don’t forget that upper lip and chin area!

The results?…

WOW, I never knew I would have so much fun shaving. There’s just something so satisfying about removing all those pesky hairs off the face. The finish is just so clean and smooth.

So what I did was carefully graze the razor over any areas that needs hair removed. And boy did I go to town with the razor. Basically shaved my entire face, focusing on the cheeks, upper lips, and chin. You can also use this razor to clean up your side burns as well as your brows! Overall, the entire experience was so easy, quick…and painless!

As a reminder ladies, you are no less of a woman for shaving your face. I still feel like one. For you skeptics out there, it is currently day 3 since the shave. The hairs have not grown back yet, and there are no signs of it growing back any thicker. Instead, my face is smooth and very happy. I will definitely be adding this to my weekly beauty routine!

So the question is, will you be shaving your face in the near future? Why don’t you give it a try! You won’t regret it. :]

Pick up these facial razors at your local Asian Market or here on amazon!