slowing down

Life is a chaotic little thing. While juggling through one’s own happiness, there is a daily mental exhaustion of thoughts spiraling through the mind. There are obligations to fulfill, people to please, money to make! When I get a chance, I like to simplify my mornings by slowing down. Occasionally, taking the time for yourself to unwind before the start of your day creates room to breathe. Start off with your best, and move forward with that mindset! If you could devote your mornings to simply savoring your favorite senses, fully present and aware, how would you spend it?

Here’s what my simple perfect mornings would look like:

1. indulging in makeup
20140226_jacq_life_941120140226_jacq_life_945920140226_jacq_life_946220140226_jacq_life_9472 copy20140226_jacq_life_9465

2. picking out accessories20140226_jacq_life_949020140226_jacq_life_945120140226_jacq_life_949720140226_jacq_life_9505

3. pampering my toe nails (most days they’re gross)20140226_jacq_life_954220140226_jacq_life_9544

4. finishing up a book and skimming through magazines

5. drinking fancy tea (my favorite? Green tea, cinnamon bark, cardamom, and saffron leaves)


cheers! -j.Lee<320140226_jacq_life_9642 copyphotography by: david wai

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