The hemline of 2014

Midi skirts will continue to be the obsession of every woman, going into spring 2014. Since their arrival, I have been OBSESSED with these elegantly length skirts. Why am I fan? Here are a few reasons why.

1. femininity

“when women gave up their long skirts, they made a grave error…”

When women hiked up their skirts, and tightened them to their skin, it symbolized an era where women were expressing their freedom, accepting their independence and celebrating their youth and sexuality. Though I still love my mini skirts, a woman in a longer midi skirt is still sexy, and not in a old fashioned kind of way. Something about it makes a woman exude power and respect through femininity. For example, isn’t Jessica Alba just gorgeous here? As you can CLEARLY see, the use of the midi skirt creates a very cool, feminine look without showing off excessive skin. 

jessica alba


2. comfort
Midi skirts are so easy to wear! You can put on a comfortable flowy skirt with any old t-shirt or slouchy sweater. Tuck in the top to accentuate the waist and call it a day. I mean, am I right or am I right? These skirts are easy and breezy. And as an extra bonus, they will not show your hooha when bending over. Unless you are in some treacherous Marilyn Monroe moment where the winds are ruining your twirl.


3. dressy casual
I am a fan of dressing up, even when I spend the whole day lounging around at home. These skirts are so versatile, that it can literally take you from a casual lunch date to an evening night out. Go with a comfortable mid heel shoe that will take you throughout your day!

midiskirtss4. slims and elongates body
The silhouette created with a midi skirt is just gorgeous. My favorite skirts hit above the waist accentuating the tiniest areas. As the skirt falls, it will elongate the legs, showing just a peek-a-bo of the calves and ankles.

5. I just simplee love them! For more ideas, browse through my past midi skirt looks herehere and here!

photo by: david wai

-j.Lee <3

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