sweet gypsy spirit (vday#3)


photography by: david wai

If you’re a girl with a free-spirited heart, this one’s for you. And ooooo GURL, you’ll be STUNNER in this one. My Valentine’s look #3 features this romantically bohemian kimono by Band of Gypsies. This lightweight kimono drapes perfectly over the body and provides coverage over any floral mini. The sheer, floral lace insets along the sleeves and sides of the body adds delicateness, yet freedom to the look . And yes, this kimono will flow while you walk, making you look like an angel. Be a flower child and throw on a floral headband and some simple bracelets to match!  

product details (links highlighted)

kimono: urban outfitters (NOW ON SALE!)

headband: asos

flower bracelet: forever 21

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