Face Shaving, Your New Favorite Beauty Routine

Hello to all you hairy faced ladies. Peach fuzz got you down? I know how it feels. For most of my life, I’ve been aware and slightly embarrassed of my hairy face. Let’s just say, when I tell my friends that I’m considering laser hair removal, no one is opposed to the idea. It’s gross, I know, but hey, we all got problems.

Recently, I watched a YouTube video by MissJessicaHarlow on “The Best Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets & Confessions.” Here, she revealed her secret for a beautifully smooth canvassed face. As a dark haired beauty, shaving her face is a must do weekly ritual.

After watching the video and reading multiple blogs, I was convinced. I headed out to a local Sasa store and bought one of these facial razors/eyebrow shapers for only $19 HKD (Approx. $2.45 US).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Picked up a random brand of facial razors

shaving off the hairs on my cheeks

don’t forget that upper lip and chin area!

The results?…

WOW, I never knew I would have so much fun shaving. There’s just something so satisfying about removing all those pesky hairs off the face. The finish is just so clean and smooth.

So what I did was carefully graze the razor over any areas that needs hair removed. And boy did I go to town with the razor. Basically shaved my entire face, focusing on the cheeks, upper lips, and chin. You can also use this razor to clean up your side burns as well as your brows! Overall, the entire experience was so easy, quick…and painless!

As a reminder ladies, you are no less of a woman for shaving your face. I still feel like one. For you skeptics out there, it is currently day 3 since the shave. The hairs have not grown back yet, and there are no signs of it growing back any thicker. Instead, my face is smooth and very happy. I will definitely be adding this to my weekly beauty routine!

So the question is, will you be shaving your face in the near future? Why don’t you give it a try! You won’t regret it. :]

Pick up these facial razors at your local Asian Market or here on amazon!

Buying Slow Fashion: Putting Value Back in Fashion

The culture of fast fashion has created a mindset of using whatever means to produce and promote quick, disposable and standardized fashions. Slow fashion, has risen as a counter movement to the production of these cheap and fashionable trends.

“Slow is not a simple descriptor of speed. Rather it represents a different world view that names a coherent set of fashion activity to promote the pleasure of variety, the multiplicity and the cultural significance of fashion within biophysical limits.” -Kate Fletcher

The term slow fashion was first coined by the Kate Fletcher as an alternative style of thinking. Fletcher likens the fast fashion to the fast food industry; where conveniently fast, low quality products are expected. The obsession of trend followers fuel the disposal of fashion. Within a few short months, the clothes in our closets are devalued not only in practical quality, but on style. Instead, the slow-fashion movement reshapes the values in the fashion industry from one obsessed with constant renewal towards the increased value of the worth of the product.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.30.16 PM

image by slowfashionforward

What happens when a brand embraces the values of slow fashion? Imagine a world where a fair chance is given to people, to communities, and to the environment. Fast fashions puts pressure to produce and promote fashions in often demeaning ways. It seems that the world is heading in a direction where nothing holds any real value. Mindless as we are to the effects of consumerism, there has to be a time where our apathy and indifference is addressed.

With slow fashion, time in spent into the designs of the product through the reduction new products. As a result, respect is paid towards the process of production.

Zady was created as a an “alternative to fast fashion” with the encouragement of “buying good” instead of “buying more.”Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.09.43 AM

Their collaborations are focused on locally produced, high quality products. The company features brands such as Imogene + Willie and Cynjin; both made in America brands.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.42.08 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.55.04 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.55.25 PM

Zady now offers their own line of sweaters fully made and sourced in USA using higher standards throughout the supply chain. The ZADY Essential Collection works with local U.S. partners and ensures that every step of their supply chain is environmentally Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.37.51 PMsustainable and fair.

“By working with U.S. partners at every step of the apparel supply chain—ranchers, washers, dyers, millers, knitters, and sewers — we’re learning the issues and taking them head on to create a new standard.” – Zady

Images from Zandy

Will you be buying for the future? Slow Fashion is the step towards bringing  quality and craftsmanship back into our goods, it’s an investment for not only ourselves but to our communities around us.


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Polyester, Friend or Foe?

Whoa, are we wasteful consumers?

To keep up with today’s conventional standards, we knowingly or unknowingly consume, consume, consume. In fashion, we are especially wasteful. Just look into our closets. We are motivated by new enticing styles. Every season our closets update as the excess from last year’s styles have become outdated. Though our wallets deepen from this process, this cycle of change is exacerbated by the demand for cheap, fast fashion.

What fabrics are we wearing?

Since the creation of man-made fibers, the fashion industry has created innovative fabrics that imitate or surpass natural fibers. Technological advances has enabled the manipulation of the fiber structure so that it can resist static electricity, oil and water absorption, and wisk moisture away from the body without absorbing into the fiber. (Gail 2008, p 349). One of our most favorite man-made fibers, Polyester, has become a fabric of durability and easy care. These properties, along with the benefits of fast production and reduced costs, has allowed the manmade fiber industry to flourish.

Polyester, friend or foe?

Did you know that Polyester is the world’s largest manufactured fiber; second only to cotton? (Gail, 2008). We obviously love polyester. However, Polyester is derived from petroleum-based raw material. Polyester is created from the chemical reaction of acid and alcohol. The substance that emerges from this reaction is cast out in the form of a ribbon which is then cooled and cut into pallets that are sent to melt. The melted liquid is then forced through spinnerets that form fibers which are then stretched even further to produce our polyester thread.

Significant energy during the spinning process is needed. Overtime, this causes a significant strain on the environment. With its link to petroleum, Polyester production has a hand in the worlds depleting oil supplies. Polyester is also non-biodegradable, which causes a problem when you throw your old things out. Once it’s in a landfill, it will stay there for good.


Why put it in a landfill?

Why would put it in a landfill? Why? But our clothes are still going there anyways. “In 2003, the Environmental Protection Agency noted that 4 million tons of textiles were going to the landfills each year.” (Hawley 2008, p 211) And they shouldn’t be there. “Because textiles are nearly 100 percent recyclable, nothing in the textile and apparel pipeline should be sent to landfills.” (Hawley 2008. P 208).

What can I do?

Your used clothing can be recycled into vintage markets, or donated to people who need it. Though polyester is not biodegradable, we can use existing used polyester fabrics it new polyester thread to be used for new designs! Even our trash can be recycled to produce fabrics. Existing Polyester clothing can also be recycled into new threads for new designs, without compromising the “quality” as the results are very similar to virgin polyester.

Did you know that these plastic soda bottles can be recycled in Polyester fibers? plastic

The video below shows the process of collecting, sorting and cleaning plastic bottles.

Who uses recycled fibers?

Patagonia now uses used soda bottles, unusable manufacturing waste, and worn out garments to produce polyester fibers for their clothes. There are a big label committed to reducing their carbon impact by reducing the use of petroleum in producing new polyester fibers. Isn’t that cool?



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cat shorts


photos by: Shirley Wu

I love vintage inspired pieces and I get so excited when I find them! Busting out my Jeffrey Campbell Cap Toe Pumps to wear with these amazinggggg high waisted cat print shorts. Fashion always comes full circle and these 40s inspired shorts are the way to do it!


top: American Apparel

shorts: re:named Cat Print High Rise Shorts

shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Toma’ Cap Toe Pump

sunglasses: kate spade new york ‘amaras’ 55mm sunglasses

CMH Fashion Week Launch Party

Had so much fun attending the 2014 CMH Fashion week launch party at Hollywood Casino. This year, I tagged along with the fabulous CAFBBA team for a night of fashion, food and glamour. Attendees got a glimpse of the CMH Fashion Week lineup while models displayed pieces from featured designers such as Lubna Najjar of Lubna Designs Inc. Let me just say, Lubna is just as lovely as her work! While admiring the fashion, I had the opportunity to meet people in the Columbus fashion scene such as Jennifer Wilson from Hola!Columbus,CMHFW Style Director Kholá’s Kloset, and caught up with favorite classy lady, MrsLadyLike. Overall, it was a successful event that has certainly gotten everyone excited for CMH Fashion Week!

CMH Fashion Week Officially starts October 12th-18th
more info: https://www.facebook.com/CMHFashionWeek





(pssst…my dress is on sale for $30 bucks! Get it while you can!)

ASTR Sheer Lace Maxi Dress

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high style ethical brand: Popinjay

Popinjay creates luxurious handmade bags while following an ethical business style. It is often said that “poverty has a woman’s face.” Especially in countries where gender discrimination towards education and other social opportunities has left many women vulnerable. That is why I highly believe in supporting organizations that educate and create opportunities for women to enter and engage in society as empowered people. There are many social businesses and organizations out there that create fair economic opportunities for women to become self independent. Popinjay is one of those businesses that employs skilled artisan women in Pakistan as a means to sustain the livelihood of women in Pakistan while creating luxurious bags for fashion forward women.

Each bag is handmade by artisan women in Pakistan. Every morning, these women meet in a local community center in Hafizabad, Pakistan to embroider beautiful silk and resham motifs that are seen on the bags. By equipping the women with usable skills and paying them with a rate up to three times the market, these artisan women are able to build new lives and create a better future for generations to come! Please take a look at the work and support this wonderful company!

In mustard fieldsWomen - group 2Iznik Scarlet EmbroideryTimurid Black 1Lotus Black 2Mughal Ivory 1Anfa Envelope Pearl 1
photos courtesy of Popinjay

Support artisan women while enjoying 40% off for the next 48 hours with the code ‘samplesale’ on http://popinjay.co

goodbye substance

20140430_inthehood_235920140430_inthehood_2351 20140430_inthehood_2347 20140430_inthehood_2349

photography by: david wai

I recently purchased this floral dress from one of my favorite Short North boutiques, Substance. Unfortunately, Substance is saying farewell to Columbus and is closing shop near the end of June due to the owner’s relocation to South Carolina.

The store has been a long standing figure in the Short North fashion scene. I always loved visiting Substance for its collection of fair trade clothing, indie contemporary labels, and features of local Columbus designers and artists.

Hurry in before they’re gone. Their entire store is marked down at a steep discount, so be sure to pop in their store at 783 N. High St. to say goodbye! You can also shop their website shopsubstance where everything is currently 40% off.